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scripture text

joshua 1:3 nlt

“i promise you what i promised moses: ‘wherever you set foot, you will be on land i have given you”

have you ever wondered what’s next? this is a familiar question for many as we move through life; however, i would like to change this question just a tad. instead of asking what’s next, let’s ask god what is your next for my life? 
in anticipation of god’s next it is often based on our response to our now. how are you preparing for god’s next now?  
in today’s scripture we find joshua facing a crossroads in his life. his mentor, moses, had just died and change was on the horizon for him and god’s people. god hand selected joshua to replace moses and become the next leader; however, joshua did not know what god had in store for him. he only knew youtube make money on amazon (vs.5) from this statement we see the mind of god: he has a purpose, plan and promise for each of our lives.  
how do we prepare for god’s next? god shares with joshua three secrets that he must take with him:  
  1. youtube make money on amazonnever lose the amazement that god chose you to be a part of his kingdom. he has a purpose for your life and you get to be a part of god’s next. 
  2. youtube make money on amazon
    as god had spoken to joshua privately, he will fulfill his promise publicly in joshua’s life. we’re reminded in scripture that youtube make money on amazon god is faithful to keep his word.  
  3. youtube make money on amazon
    joshua must maintain a mindset of victory and trust god for every step that he takes. the promise of victory is the gift of god; but the possession of it is the result of an obedient walk.

5 points. You are not required to specify which team will win the game.

  1. youtube make money on amazongod’s next must become my next. my response to god’s word will determine my next.  
  2. youtube make money on amazon
    we must always remember that god is faithful to his word and to us. 
  3. youtube make money on amazon
    we often dwell on our past, become frustrated by our present, but we must remember god has a future that only he can give us – god’s next. 

“then the lord commissioned joshua son of nun with these words: “be strong and courageous, for you must bring the people of israel into the land i swore to give them. i will be with you.” — deuteronomy 31:23 (nlt)

pastor dr. elmer hess, jr. - be encouraged

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