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proverbs truth


proverbs chapter 1 - read now

the starting point of wisdom is the fear of god. the proverbs of solomon. my son, if sinners entice you, do not consent. wisdom calls aloud. the complacency of fools destroys them.


proverbs chapter 2 - read now

seek god's wisdom whole-heartedly. the place to find wisdom is in god's word. my son, apply your heart to understanding. for the lord gives wisdom. it will save you from the way of evil, and from the adulteress.


proverbs chapter 3 - read now

what you do with your heart, determines what you do with your life. my son, trust in the lord with all your heart. do not despise his discipline. wisdom is a tree of life. do not quarrel without cause.


proverbs chapter 4 - read now

live today so that your counsel and example will influence others and help them live wisely. listen, my sons: get wisdom. the path of the righteous is like the morning sun. guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.


proverbs chapter 5 - read now

what begins as something "sweet" gradually turns into something bitter; what is "life" becomes death, and the end is hell. my son, listen to my words. in the end an adulteress is bitter as wormwood. keep away from her. rejoice in the wife of your youth.


proverbs chapter 6 - read now

a chapter of warnings. a little slumber, and poverty will come like a bandit. a scoundrel sows discord. my son, a man who commits adultery destroys himself.


proverbs chapter 7 - read now

no matter what temptation is offered you, look beyond the externals and see it as it really is. my son, wisdom will keep you from the adulteress. i saw her seducing a young man. he followed her like an ox going to the slaughter.


proverbs chapter 8 - read now

when you are confronted with truth, you are at a place of decision, and the decision you make will have inevitable consequences. keep your ears open and listen to god's wisdom. wisdom cries aloud: "my mouth speaks truth. the lord brought me forth at the beginning of his works. whoever finds me finds life."


proverbs chapter 9 - read now

when you follow wisdom you add life to your years. wisdom has built her house. she says, "come, leave your folly." the fear of the lord is the beginning of wisdom. folly knows nothing.


proverbs chapter 10 - read now

a chapter of contrasts: wise men/fools, righteous/wicked, diligent/lazy & rich/poor. a wise son makes a glad father. love covers all offences. with many words, sin is not lacking. the righteous will never be uprooted.


proverbs chapter 11 - read now

the lord hates dishonest scales. the wicked earn false wages. whoever gives water will get water. whoever trusts in riches will fall.


proverbs chapter 12 - read now

your words can bring healing to those who have been hurt and joy to those who are depressed and worried. no one finds security by wickedness. those who work the land have food. rash words pierce like a sword. righteousness leads to life.


proverbs chapter 13 - read now

he that guards his mouth guards his life. the righteous hate lies. hope deferred makes the heart sick. whoever heeds reproof is honoured. whoever spares the rod hates his son.


proverbs chapter 14 - read now

when you fear the lord, your walk will be marked by uprightness, confidence, and protection. the talk of fools is a rod for their backs. even in laughter the heart may ache. those who oppress the poor insult their maker.


proverbs chapter 15 - read now

what comes out of the mouth begins in the heart, so maintain a joyful heart before the lord and fill your heart with his truth. a gentle answer turns away wrath. the eyes of the lord are everywhere. plans fail for lack of counsel. the lord hears the righteous.


proverbs chapter 16 - read now

what type of heart do you have? a man plans his way, but the lord directs his steps. kings detest evil. pride goes before destruction. wisdom is a fountain of life.


proverbs chapter 17 - read now

a chapter of spiritual inventory of your heart. a wise servant will rule over a shameful son. starting a quarrel is like breaching a dam. even a fool seems wise if he keeps silent.


proverbs chapter 18 - read now

friendship has its risks, but the isolated person is not wise. a fool delights in his own opinions. the name of lord is a strong tower. a gift opens the way. the tongue can bring life or death.


proverbs chapter 19 - read now

it is better to be rich in character and poor in wealth, especially when that wealth is acqured by deception. wealth makes friends. a false witness will not go unpunished. a good wife is from the lord. whoever helps the poor lends to the lord.


proverbs chapter 20 - read now

if you are wise, you will consider the consequences of your decisions and actions. you will ask, "what about afterward?" wine is a mocker, beer a brawler. even a child is known by his deeds. the lord hates false weights. it is a snare to make rash vows.


proverbs chapter 21 - read now

no matter what resources men may lean on, only god can give success. put your faith in god alone. to do justice is better than sacrifice. better to live on the roof than with a quarrelsome wife. no plans can avail against the lord.


proverbs chapter 22 - read now

major on character, integrity is what really counts. people pay attention to character. a good name is better than riches. train a child and he will not go astray. incline your ear and apply your heart to my teaching.


proverbs chapter 23 - read now

the chapter of "do not". there are some things that god does not want his children to do. do not wear yourself out to get rich. do not move a boundary marker. buy the truth, and do not sell it. do not linger long over wine.


proverbs chapter 24 - read now

the wise person builds while others tear down and is strong to the battles of life. there is no need to gaint; and if you fall, you need not stay down. do not envy the wicked. wisdom is sweet to the soul. fear the lord and the king, my son. i saw thorns in the field of the sluggard.


proverbs chapter 25 - read now

humility leads to honor, but self-promotion leads to shame. do not exalt yourself in the king's presence. if your enemy is hungry, give him food to eat. to seek one's own glory is not glory.


proverbs chapter 26 - read now

you cannot change a fool, if you answer to him, do not stoop to his level of folly or you will make him think you have elevated him to wisdom. as a dog returns to its vomit, so a fool repeats his folly. without gossip a quarrel dies down. whoever digs a pit will fall into it.


proverbs chapter 27 - read now

true friendship will occassionally involve wounds, because friendship cannot be built on deception or envy. friends should encourage each other and be faithful to each other. faithful are the wounds of a friend. a loud blessing in the morning will be taken as a curse. a person is tested by being praised.


proverbs chapter 28 - read now

better to be poor and honest than crooked and rich. whoever confesses sins will find mercy. whoever trusts in the lord will prosper.


proverbs chapter 29 - read now

we may not be able to run the government, but we can manage the kingdom within our own hearts. by justice a king builds up the land. whether a fool rages or laughs, there is no peace. correct your son and he will give you rest.


proverbs chapter 30 - read now

every word of god is pure. give me neither poverty nor riches. four things are never satisfied: sheol, a barren womb, earth and fire. dissatisfaction creates many problems in our world.


proverbs chapter 31 - read now

the ending point of wisdom is how it changes the person who allows it to change them. speak up for the speechless. who can find an excellent wife? she buys a field, she makes garments, she watches over her household.

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